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For only a fraction of the price of other similar systems, you too can now have Leak Sentinel, pre dive vacuum leak detector that will eliminate guesswork about the housing tightness and let you concentrate on the photography, instead of worrying if today is maybe your turn to experience the underwater photographer's worst nightmare.

This new, improved version of Leak Sentinel features new, calibrated pressure sensor and processor. The complete electronic circuit and the battery are located in the robust anodized aluminum valve body for even more convenient operation and ease of installaton.

The green/red LEDs are visible through the transparent acrylic window, so no complicated installation around the viewfinder in non-transparent housings is required. LEDs are always visible, not only when you look through the viewfinder.

The included hand pump is lightweight and requires no batteries, so no nasty surprises when you are far from coast. It achieves required underpressure in average housing almost effortlessly.

The installation is simple and straightforward, and is in most cases done by either replacing the bulkhead, or just screwing the adapter into the accessory port. You can check the tightness immediately after installation, making the process risk-free.

Custom adapters for various housings/bulkheads are available. For more information check the link below.

The circuit is self calibrating, and as such suitable for altitude diving.

Temperature compensation prevents false alarms, and overnight function makes it possible to set the housing beforehand, then switch the circuit off and keep on monitoring later without repeating the process, thus saving the battery and time before the dive.

Technical details

Valve body dimensions (without adapter) : 31mm DIA x 25mm

Adapter length depends on the type

Weight: valve body 45g , pump 140g

Battery: CR 1632, included

Battery life: aproximately 100 hours

Depth rating: 100 m

Package includes:

Anodized aluminum valve body with valve and electronics

Stainless steel or black aluminum adapter (depending on the model)

Hex wrench

Spare battery, spare o-rings

Hand pump with 300mm PVC tubing

Installation/user manual (sent by email)

LEAK SENTINEL V4 - pre dive vacuum leak detector for any uw housing!


 Leak Sentinel, vacuum leak detector for underwater housing image

 Leak Sentinel & hand pump image

The principle of operation


The housing is closed 15-30 minutes before dive, with the camera installed and the circuit switched on. Red LED starts blinking, indicating ambient pressure. The hand pump is fitted to the threaded valve body and the air is pumped out of the housing, After approx. 20-25 strokes, the red LED stops blinking, and after a couple more strokes, the green LED starts blinking, indicating the sufficient underpressure. The additional stroke or two ensures that the circuit is not on the edge of treshold. The pump is then removed and the protective cap replaced to ensure air and water tightness. The LED is then observed. Green LED blinking indicates that there is no air leakage (safe to dive). After the dive, the protective cap is removed and the pressure is equalised with the simple movement of the rubber valve.

Adapters for:








and others...

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 Leak Sentinel & hand pump image

 Leak Sentinel & hand pump image

 Leak Sentinel & hand pump image

 Leak Sentinel & hand pump image

 Leak Sentinel & hand pump image