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Adapter replaces strobe bulkhead cap. The connector must be removed from the bulkhead to enable air flow.

Leak Sentinel for Sea&Sea strobe bulkhead cap replacement

Price: 200,00 €

Two adapter types are available for installation in accessory ports - M14X1 and M16x1 threads.

Please check your housing's manual to determine the proper thread, or send me a mail before ordering

Price: 200,00 €

Adapter replaces the strobe bulkhead and also fits accessory

port on Aquatica housings.

Leak Sentinel for Aquatica spare port

Price:200,00 €

Price: 200,00 €

Leak Sentinel V4 with Nauticam M14x1 adapter

Leak Sentinel V4 with Nauticam M16x1 adapter

Leak Sentinel V4 with Sea&Sea adapter

Leak Sentinel V4 with Aquatica adapter

Adapter replaces the command gland on Ikelite housings. 3/8-24 thread. Long (20mm) and short (5mm) adapters are available.


Leak Sentinel for Ikelite command gland replacement

Price: 200,00 €

Leak Sentinel V4 with Ikelite long (20mm)adapter

Price: 200,00 €

Leak Sentinel V4 with Ikelite short (5mm)adapter

Adapter fits Subal accessory and/or strobe bulkhead port. 

M14X1 thread. Please note that valve body is 31mm in diameter.

On some Subal housings it may interfere with other strobe bulkhead.

If in doubt please send me a mail before ordering.

Leak Sentinel for Subal accessory ports

Price: 200,00 €

Leak Sentinel V4 with Subal M14x1 adapter

Leak Sentinel for Nauticam accessory ports

Adapter fits Seacam accessory and/or strobe bulkhead port. 

M14X1 thread.

Leak Sentinel for Seacam accessory ports

Leak Sentinel V4 with Seacam M14x1 adapter

Price: 200,00 €

Fits into front port on all Anthis/Nexus housings

Leak Sentinel for Anthis/Nexus front port

Price:200,00 €

Leak Sentinel V4 with Anthis/Nexus adapter